Social Media for Non Profits - Part 1

Last Tuesday I participated in the #sm73 social media chat on Twitter. This chat happens every week on Tuesday around 8 or 9 'o' clock (it will be #sm74 next Tuesday). The topic was Social media and Non profits. A very interesting discussion ensued, but sadly I am not able to source the transcript.

With regards to this topic of social media and non-profits I have two examples to give out,

1. Sapling Project
Where a small effort started by Mumbai twitter peeps @ranjeet_walunj and @bombaylives has grown to a pan India effort in just a few months. All taken up by fellow tweeps all over India.
For more :

2. Hamara Footpath
This is the street school I work for, I have mentioned it couple of times on this blog. Well basically we had a garage sale earlier this month. We started the publicity with a couple of Facebook updates and a event creation for it on our NGO page. In just a few days we had a number of leading national newspaper reporters wanting to cover us and the event. Not just print media, we even got covered on CNBC Awaaz!!
Needless to say after all this publicity we had a very successful event.

Increasing visibility globally and getting traditional media attention, I think are two major benefits of using social media platforms for non-profits.

Today is a tweetup on a similar topic, hosted by @jaagore Will blog my thoughts from there later as a second post to this series.

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