Make Social media part of Introductions offline

Now a days whenever I introduce myself to people (who are internet active) I always add my twitter handle. Initially I thought it was weird as many people barely know Twitter. On thinking further, I find one benefit of telling the Twitter handle is that it gives a clear connect to me. Like if they wanna talk more etc.. we can always connect on Twitter. Its really the only way I can actually be in contact with people I meet for a short time.

Also this sort of brings internet savvy people closer to Twitter. So more people to do masti with :) (Muhahahah)

Actually the deeper reason is that my introduction feels more complete when I add a Twitter handle (a point of contact with me) cause frankly I cannot say 4-5 lines and sum myself up! I have stuff happening in many different aspects of myself.

This new media gives us tools to be in touch with a lot of contacts without making it to time or resource consuming may as well use it.

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