Blackberry Playbook

Just saw the BlackBerry Playbook preview video. They have marketed it pretty well - "The first multiprocessing, multi-tasking professional tablet". Being able to use multiple processes simultaneously is its big edge over iPad.

This is something I always keep in mind about any clients I am working with. Whats their big edge over other products/services? Why should anyone use their product. In fact I have just realized that I should include this when I market my company!

Of course a lot of companies especially startups in India, think that 'making up' an edge will do! Which is really dumb, I mean the other day I came across this small dingy website that started a few months ago and they called themselves the no. 1 IT company in India! Are you kidding me?! If you wanna do that be smart and fudge your starting dates so that it looks like you have been around for a while :P and then of course make up a few clients too :D

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