Funny Story, now that I have a company

Entrepreneurial life is unique. Just today I received a, I should say funny email. An online marketing in US wanted to outsource some work to me, sometime back. Its an ok idea actually, no problems with it even though I am not so fond of all this 'outsource' stuff. It was however, weird when the person wanted me to do online marketing for their online marketing company cause I have a OM company of my own (yes thats a lot of online marketing) well anyway so I said so, that its weird.

Today the person tells me what a mistake I am making to turn down this opportunity as 'taking work that comes to you is much better than marketing your company and then getting clients'

Well so I am supposed to market someone elses company so he/she gets work who then passes it to me?? I mean seriously?? So as I was saying this entrepreneurial life has many funny stories that go along with it.

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