Social Media Clients: Their 2 ideas that drives me Nuts

2 major mistakes I have seen social media clients make again and again in their ideas and expectations of and from SM are,


Yes enough is spoken about it and yet I find SM agencies that keep marketing the fact that have huge numbers on their groups/profiles for clients and clients keep demanding to have huge numbers.

I am currently having a Twitter page of a client who has some 300 odd followers on Twitter and it shows obvious signs of rubbish followers. Oh, you don't know the signs? Well listen close...

  1. 0 , yes you heard me right 0 @replies to the profile
  2. 0 human retweets
  3. Large number of DM's cause all those auto followers always send that automated DM thanking or welcoming you :)
  4. Any link that is tweeted gets yes, 0 hits.
The reason is very clear,

Nobody is listening to you
Nobody cares.

So much for all their numbers, bah! So just stop obsessing over the numbers and ask a simple question.

Is the account interactive? Are you Building relationships??


Yes this is cliched "Quantity over Quality" syndrome. Clients want to start profiles on number of social platforms. And then do what???

To create a Community (in the real sense of the word) takes time and resources. Unless you have both then you can try out initially one or two platforms and then probably move to a few more If relevant and required for the brand. Moreover these communities need to be sustained over a period of time.

Commonly I see that client wants to spend less money and hence less time on SM but wants to split the time over two, three activities. It becomes a frustrating job cause the community remains superfluous. To have real interactions happen which lead to 'relationship building' just simply put takes TIME (and that is only the basic requirement).

So grrrrr to you.

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