About the 50 Groups Limit on Linkedin

For quite some time I had no idea that there was a cap to the number of Linkedin Groups I could join. Well there is. 50 is the number of Linkedin groups that can be joined (without upgrading).

Its a little troublesome as whenever there is Linkedin activity for a client I like to join 5 to 6 relevant groups... this way the cap is quite easily reached! This made me innovate and now I only join one prominent and happening group relevant to the client to get tips, insights and reap various other benefits.

JTMG Syndrome
This 50 Group limit is actually good to avoid 'Joining Too Many Groups' Syndrome which is rampant on Facebook. People are just joining pages, groups (now of course others add me to their groups which leads to massive spam attacks but thats a different matter). Once joined often they never return to the page or interact on it. Leading to the high fan numbers but really low interactivity challenges which all fan pages have. This sort of a limit to joining groups ensures that you take the feature seriously.

Now on Linkedin I see the temptation to join some friends or contacts group but I resist, cause I know I will probably not visit that group nor interact on it.. cause after all its not of any real use for me. I actually want such a feature on Facebook cause it makes sense!

For the groups on Linkedin this has at least two implications:
1. Lesser Spam (as people become more choosy about which groups to spam)
2. They need to provide a clear value.... (as people will be more choosy)

What do you think about such caps? Do you think it hampers our activities on social networks or do you think they could breed actual productivity.

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