Sikkim Tourism Board should boost Local Internet Connectivity

Went on a travel to Gangtok which is a very beautiful place! Its about time that the beautiful Himalayas finds its fair share of admirers! It was really sad to see "Sikkim- Switzerland of East" written every here and there! The Sikkim tourism board needs a much more robust tourism industry going!

Local Internet Connectivity
Almost all places that I visited including small villages had electricity. The drivers, cooks all came from small villages with electricity. In fact the driver told me that Tata Sky was as bad there as in Mumbai (it shuts off as the first rain drop falls) Airtel TV is better. Most them know computers and can access them. They are not yet on the Internet.. I think the Sikkim tourism board should work and get these guys on the Internet. This will really help bringing the local culture on the web and thus they should have a dynamic online presence including inputs from local people!

Char Dhams
The only reason the Gadhwal Himalayan region finds so many visitors is cause of the Char Dhams. This is really sad because I believe that visiting the Himalayas could bring a bigger change in a persons life by their 'awe inspiringness' than a pilgrimage to the Char Dhams!

Enjoy some pics of my trip... and ponder over how internet connectivity in these remote localities could better their lives and livelihoods!

Gangtok trip

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