Two Future Professions around Blogging

Was recently checking out some celebrity blogs and found it quite interesting how they were so different from each other almost distinctive to each ones style for eg: Aamir has so many short, quick posts and they are very sporadic while Amitabh has been writing almost a daily diary! Already I can see two more professions popping up in the future,

Blog Analysis

These guys analyse blogs and give you a character read like handwriting analysts. They may even ask you to create a blog in next one hour and based on what you have done they will analyse your personality hehe

Blog Therapy

I am little serious about this... These guys would recommend to a person to start a blog, depending on above analysts they may even suggest which type of blog to start. Sad ones, funny ones, sarcy ones.. etc.. Or the usual psychologists would suggest to people to blog for specific problems.

What other little hatke professions you think people could come up with around blogging and social media?


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