Communication hinges on those 140 characters

Managing many twitter accounts... one thing I have realized whether it is lead generation, conversing or building followers it all boils down to every individual tweet... whether that one tweet is interesting enough to gain a reply, spike the persons curiosity or even get them to follow.

Its all about those 140 characters.

No, I am not exaggerating, cause I have seen it in so many different situations and platforms. The same message wrapped in a different way - lose the 'pitching attitude' from it or become that tad bit informal and all of a sudden there is a real JUMP in how successful it is.Its almost scary in real life when I think of it. I am talking here, there and everywhere. I don't get the time to really form my sentences, its all so impromptu! I can almost see why so many opportunities don't work out.. not just for me.. for everyone. Cause if it all depends not on what we are meaning to say but on what we 'have' said... then stuff is tough.

Crucial to take the time and pay attention to the conversation, how you are forming your words and then your sentences. After we take that much care.. it boils down to the listener/reader...

As listeners we need to give people a chance, cause they may be bad with simple semantics.. so look beyond the words at the aura :D (sorry that was a joke... the joke is that I don't really know how we can look beyond the words... I mean its damn tough to gauge a persons 'heart' or real intentions at least for me..)

What do you think guys and girls... ever seen this when socializing over new media?

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