Have you accounted for Industry Niche when using Facebook Ads??

I can't talk more on how much the industry niche affects the social media campaign. Right from the platforms you choose, marketing ways, advertising options everything needs to be figured out based on the industry niche. I had written about companies looking at relevant social media case studies... no point going on about how some company used social media well when you have a completely different niche.

Sometime back I came across a twitter conversation between two social media marketing professionals about Facebook ads where one of them said their per fan cost was Rs. 5 while the other one said it was Rs. 20 (hinting that Rs 5 is too low and not possible). I just read the chat perplexed as neither is specifying their industry niche and I was sure that industry niche would matter!! At that point however I had little experience with Facebook ads.

Later I got a project where I started putting up ads and it was costing me a very huge Rs. 45 per fan overall!! I know that was really huge.. I tweaked the parameters as much as I could and made the fan page very interesting but couldn't make it lower. The thing was however, that I was very clear that I was targeting a very niche community for that particular fan page. There were comparatively smaller number of individuals for that community and CPC, CPM were high. So I kept mulling over it...

Recently I got another client for whom I am advertising and that is a huge niche.. its a local area in India and my per fan cost is Rs. 3 !! I mean seriously! Not only that, I spent only Rs 500 on adverts and got over 300 fans which are increasing on their own now that I have stopped the ads.

Though over here I wonder would it be better to get fans at Rs 5 by targeting huge niche which would then grow on its own when I put interesting content.. though it may not be RELEVANT people for the brand! These people would never really convert or use the brand at all (but they could refer it to their friends who may use it). Or is it better to get 10 times less fans but targeted niche at Rs 45. I think it would depend on whether you can make the fan page relevant for those IRRELEVANT people cause otherwise why would they join the page and also keep it valuable to the actual niche. What do you guys think, is there anyway of reducing fan acquisition of a very small niche brand??

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