Facebook Questions - Quora-zition of FB

The Facebooks Questions feature is amazing! It adds a totally new level of interactivity and virality to the social network.

It immediately reminded me of Quora which is mainly a QnA site. It allows asking questions on a page or personal profile also. This question goes out as a poll or ask a detailed question.You can then message your friends to answer the questions something like Linkedin offers. (This is hugely viral for a FB page admin to use)
When replying to my friends question I can choose poll option and also give a detailed reply. I can then publish the answer over to my wall. Another good thing is that I can see all other questions (should we raise privacy concerns here?) when typing my own.

I thought this would be a simple feature but on exploring I think a lot of things can be done using it. What do you think of this feature?

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