Crowdsourced Community - txtWeb

Sometime back the concept of crowd sourced communities came to the fore where people realized how awesome they can be yadi yadi yada... and now a days we can see these communities around and often their popularity tends to be infectious :) One very novel example I came across lately is txtWeb.

A sms platform where 'developers' can make apps for varied purposes. The term developers may give wrong impression as the interface is so simple that any lay man can just go and make a small app for their keyword.

One quick example, SMS @priyankawriting to "9243342000" to get small snippets about my whereabouts/happenings which I can easily update by logging in to their website :D

This initiative by Intuit is also very interesting as it brings a lot of services/features available to smart phone users to the SMS friendly phones - which are all mobile handsets. Thus opening up many windows of possible interactions for the large mobile user population in India.

From simple apps to tweet and update facebook , there are wikipedia apps to find quick meaning of terms, app to chat with online friends (browser to sms) and a lot more. For this World Cup there would be slew of apps that can help cricket aficionados - stay in touch with game developments even with crappy handsets with SMS.

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