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Came across the lpad facebook page sometime back. Was struck by the interactions it had. Content was interesting and lot of responses by fans. Getting engagement on pages is tricky sometimes it comes quite swiftly at other times its tough. Reasons for it could be varied, and often require deep analysis.

So I spoke to Mohit Bansal, founder of lpad about the behind the scenes of their FB page,

What is your view on social media marketing for small companies and
startups. How do you think it helps lpad?

I think it is a must have for any business in B2C category, even if their customers are not there on facebook. I believe a successful marketing strategy would focus on staying on top of the customer's mind and thats exactly what facebook allow businesses to do.

For L-pad, facebook has not only allowed us to stay in touch with our existing fans/followers/friends but also allowed us to attract various startups/entrepreneurs to be part of this community.
We have straight leads from facebook too.

How did you go about having such a happening page on Facebook with
high engagement?

Thats a compliment for me. :)
Nothing special, just one update a day and read every comment. Strike conversations wherever there is a chance.

This is where he is just being modest. When I spoke to him he was a lot more forthcoming with his thoughts. He has spent quite some time understanding Facebook dynamics about technical aspects like Facebook page updates algorithm. Which updates are shown on fans wall etc...

Basically a good mix of,
1. relevant content
2. conversational
3. right target audience

Let me know which brands social media presence you think rocks!

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