Cabbage & Cream Dip/Filling

Funnily this blog 'professional' as it maybe has a food section. It could have been astronomy, books, movies or any of my interests but not all cause otherwise it would be too diluted. So its work stuff and food stuff :) So far only maggi recipes but now also other 5 min dishes I make,

Chopped Cabbage + Cream (Amul will do) + Mustard seeds (yellow ones) + salt, pepper & spices
Whirl it all in a mixer that is good for making juices or chutney. Everything comes to gether in very tasty creamy dip with slight mustard flavor.

I wanted to make stuffed paratha with it but it was too watery so add some bread pieces and churned it again. Then the texture was good and could have some tasty parathas. It can also be used to make vadas, wait thats too Indian word. You can make Cabbage and Cream Balls!


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