Terms & Conditions: It speaks volumes about the Company

Terms & Conditions - When two parties individuals or companies want to do business together T&C mainly comes into play to specify one party to the other and vice versa that this is what we will provide and this is what I need from you in return.

Quite a simple and crucial component. Lately I had couple of interesting experiences...

I signed up for Just Dial services, where the customer care people gave the whole low down on what will be provided and how much it will cost me... Seemed fine so I opted for it. The guy came to my house explained the plan and I signed up. I took a cursory glance at the T&C but nothing more. Its 2-3 pages long and small font! I chose to go by what the customer care told me verbally.

The next day I got a message of Thank you for signing up
1. You cannot cancel this plan for 9 months.
2. After 9 months in order to cancel the plan you need to provide 3 months notice
and more....

I did not plan to stay on for 9 months, in fact the customer care had assured me I can check it for two months minimum then cancel at anytime!!

Now the issue here wasn't so much the fact that they told me different stuff, its the fact that once a customer signs up to your service and you send them such a greeting with how they CANNOT cancel instead of how I would benefit then the first question that comes to my mind is "Are you peeing in your pants??" I mean why the hell are you so hell bound to not let your customers cancel their service? Does your service suck!!??

[I am currently taking their services as one of their customer care managers spoke to me well, apologizing and all that - and offering a discount]

After that I was checking out web hosting services for my company website and while checking them out I signed up for bluehost. I was still wondering whether to go for it when I filled the credit card info to see how much they are actually charging (yes I know dumb way of checking costs :p), instead of going to 3D secure screen where it would show me amount debited the amount straight away got debited!

I was a little freaked I might not even have gone for this company! So I thought let me see what the cancellation procedures are. I was amazed that,
1. They would freely cancel my subscription in first 3 days after signing up
Even later the process was so simple.... that I just felt very good about the whole company. Now I don't know how promptly they would follow up on these claims because I did not cancel my subscription feeling good with their T&C!!

So I think its great and talks volume about the company and people behind them when they make client - friendly T&C

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