Twitter is fun :)

The thing about Twitter that I keep trying to explain to people,
People being,
the ones who go like "but why do you want to put something on Twitter? Is it cause you don't have any friends... blah blah... "


the ones who go like,
"Twitter is definitely a great way to keep posting all day long about my company" and

the ones who just act surprised when I tell them
"Oh ya I found that out on Twitter... I am going to meet some twitter friends.... I will check that on Twitter".... and so on

So the thing I keep trying to explain is that when everyone is tweeting the little quirks that people have which can't or don't actually get shared with anyone comes across and it creates a little pool of quirky people who have now shared their quirks with each other. The quirk that drew this matter across to me was tweeple making up words!

So in my circle of friends I am probably the only geek who actually makes words..

Sorrible: It was so horrible that I am sorry to be part of it or I am so sorry that it was so horrible :D
Assholy: Don't have to explain this one.

Now imagine my surprise when I see tweets like this,

:) Twitter is fun!

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