Explaining social media strategy to clients can backfire

The problem with explaining social media strategies to clients, or at least one of the problems is that they think they have understood it when they haven't. Its happened twice now, once with a client and one where I had pitched a few ideas to a company.

Both decided they understood what I was saying and liked the idea. In one of the cases I was planning to live tweet at a event, which is a great way to get the company/account popular with others into the same stuff. Liking this idea the guy says okay so before the big event we have this small event happening why don't you live tweet from there also! Now its actually not a bad idea except that since the account was very new it barely had any followers so it wouldn't lead to much visibility as no one maybe checking that hash tag. I explained all that.. and yet did a bit of live tweeting and as expected it didn't get much response at all.

What I was not expecting is that on the basis of this, he decided live tweeting at that big event from where another 50 people would be tweeting wouldn't be useful either and decided not to go with it.

Similarly sometime back I had given a few ideas to a company who liked it while the deal didn't get finalised they did do something on the lines of an idea I had given. However they obviously did not get what the concept was and mis-managed it, so now its a pretty pointless move for them. In fact might even get them some criticism. After this they may think my idea wouldn't work... but they didn't have a clue what they were doing!

So I have realised that its better to be a little close mouthed about many social media tactics cause the client may misunderstand and worse mis-implement them!

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